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Thursday, January 15, 2015

Find Us on Google Plus

Good Afternoon!

We are proud to announce that Zero Edition Press's Google Plus page has been official assigned its own "custom" Google Plus URL.

Regardless of how you feels about Google's foray into social media, having a presence where you can is important for a brand. It is especially beneficial when you can control the little details like the URL address that potential customers, fans, and followers will use to find you in the scary labyrinth that is the Internet.

So, without further ado: You can now our Plus Page at Please check us out. And follow us, maybe?


T.J. Blackburn
Co-Founder, Zero Edition Press

Monday, December 17, 2012

Update: Filipino American History in the South Symposium

Dear Friends and Followers,

It breaks my heart to announce that, because of irreconcilable creative differences, Zero Edition Press has cut ties with the May 18th, 2013 Filipino American History in the South Symposium & Exhibit Planning Committee. Although all involved share similar passions and otherwise enjoyed working together, our different visions for an eBook highlighting the Filipino Experience in the American South did not match our respective missions and goals. We hold no hard feelings and continue to support the Planning Committee and the Symposium. We thanks them for the opportunity, wish them the best of luck in their endeavors, and look forward to future opportunities to work with them.

We encourage anyone interested in learning more about this often overlooked segment of American Society and about the Filipino Culture and their contribution to U.S. History to go to the May 18th Event at the National Archives in Atlanta.  It is free and has great educational value for the entire family. You can visit the National Archives website for more information at .

With that said, even though Zero Edition Press will no longer be associated with the May 18th event, we will continue this project on our own. My staff and I have invested time and emotional capital, into a project in which we wholeheartedly believe. It would be a shame and disservice to ourselves, the Filipino Culture, and to American History not to complete our vision.  

Submissions for inclusion to the eBook will remain open to all participants and volunteers of the Symposium and any interested party can visit us at or follow us at for updates and further information such as submission guidelines, contact information, and investor relations.

Further, I would like to thank the Zero Edition Team for their hard work and for believing in this project—in particular, my wife, Brooke, whose late night brainstorming sessions, support, and team management skills strengthened our vision for this project. She, by the way, has the fortitude of a saint. I would also like to extend a special thank you to Mr. Ben Fuller. His expertise in Marketing and Public Relations helped guide us over the past few weeks and we look forward to continuing our professional relationship with him as he has been instrumental to our success and is a great addition to the Zero Edition family. On a personal note, I am proud to call him my friend.

Finally, we would like to thank you all, Friends and Followers, for your unwavering support. Without you, there would not be a Zero Edition Press.

T.J. Blackburn
Co-Founder, Zero Edition Press

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Announcement: Filipino American History in the South Symposium

Zero Edition Press is proud to announce our participation in the Filipino American History in the South Symposium & Exhibit which will be held at the National Archives in Atlanta on May 18th, 2013. As part of our contribution to the event, we are producing and publishing an eBook anthology of stories, essays, and articles highlighting the Filipino-American culture and experience in the American South. Proceeds to benefit the Symposium and some of the participating non-profits. Please stay tuned as we will announce submission guidelines for anyone who wishes to be included in the anthology. And please, pass this on to anyone you think would be interested.